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A Course in Mystical Principles

Transformation through Mystical Knowledge

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Go Beyond Self-Development to Higher Levels of Awakening


Understand and Align with the Principles that Compose Reality


We are excited to announce Thomas Hübl’s new six month program, A Course in Mystical Principles. This will be the most advanced online course Thomas has yet offered.

Through intensive study and immersion in mystical principles, and by researching together how they operate in our lives, the course will activate progressively higher levels of consciousness as we learn to move our awareness from the effects of our lives towards that which creates our reality.

This will have the potential to generate profound transformation in all areas of our lives, as we live into the underlying principles that compose and create life.

The theme of mystical principles has been emerging in Thomas’s work over the past year. During this time he has deepened the work with a small study circle and it is this  new depth, not previously made public, that will form the core of this online course.

Here is a short video of Thomas talking about the course and its potential to enable deep transformation:


The Mystical Principles course addresses fundamental questions that arise on the spiritual path:

How can we live fully in the world while making awakening our first priority?

How can we participate in the play of the world, yet be immersed in the principles and energies that are creating it?

What does it mean to serve the highest intelligence?

The course speaks directly to our capacity to free ourselves from the magnetism of the everyday world and our identification with a separate sense of self, and to remember once again the eternal, Divine dimensions of reality.

It speaks also to our sense of purpose—the call to participate consciously in the evolution of humanity towards our highest possibilities and towards union with the creative intelligence of the universe.

The central metaphor of the course is the path towards the Mystical Temple at the top of the mountain—a metaphor for the awakened state and the most sacred of all sacred spaces.

 “Each of us carries the Mystical Temple at the core of our heart and we can remember it in every moment. But for many of us, most of the time, the Temple is shrouded in clouds. Then, Light does not consciously infuse our lives and we may forget that there ever was a Temple, or even a mountain leading up to the Temple.”  —Thomas Hübl


Who is the Course for and How Does It Work?

The course is intended for those people—participants from Thomas’s previous workshops/trainings as well as experienced practitioners from other lineages—who are hungry for and ready to commit to a deeper level of transpersonal awakening.

While there will naturally be some personal healing, the overall focus of the course is transpersonal; i.e., towards higher dimensions of consciousness.

During the six months a powerful collective learning field will be generated.

The course will be conducted in English. Each course session will consist of a talk by Thomas via video, followed by an audio conference with Thomas for small group exercises and open Q&A. 

Homework will be an integral (not optional) part of the course. Studying, contemplating the material, watching it in your life, this will awaken your consciousness.

 “Building a relationship with it, inhaling and exhaling it, will lift you into higher possibilities of yourself. The deeper you engage with it, the more it will awaken in you. There is content, but also a big transmission, the deeper you engage at all levels with the material.” — Thomas Hübl


The course has the potential to generate profound impact in all areas of your life, and in the fundamental way you perceive and participate in reality.

As this unfolds we will naturally discover that "service" is not something we do as one part of our life, but rather it is something we are as our essential nature reveals itself.

Course Structure

  • 12 two-hour sessions with Thomas, two per month for six months. Each session will be comprised of a video presentation by Thomas followed by an audio conference with Thomas for small group exercises and open Q&A.

  • All course sessions will be recorded (both video and audio) and made available the day after each session. Each session will also be transcribed and a transcript of each session will be made available about five days after the session. You will be able to download the recordings and the transcripts so that you can work with and retain them during the course and after it ends.

  • Study group meetings between each call

  • Monthly online mentoring groups with Thomas’s senior students

  • Study of the transcriptions of each class

  • Homework regarding how the principles operate in your life

  • A commitment to daily meditation and other spiritual practices

  • Online Q&A forum


Course Schedule

Course sessions will be held on two Sundays per month. The session dates are: February 9 & 23, March 9 & 23, April 6 & 20, May 4 & 25, June 8 & 22, and July 6 & 20. All sessions will begin at 9:00am US Pacific / 12:00pm US Eastern / 6:00pm Germany / 7:00pm Israel, and will be for two hours.


Themes That Will Be Explored in the Course

The course will explore the following mystical principles and how they operate in our lives.

Stillness and Movement

silkywaterWe usually think of stillness and movement as being opposites, but the mystical understanding is that these are two sides of the same coin. As we practice, we start getting out of the way, and more information, more light, more life can run through us. We will learn to anchor ourselves in emptiness so that fullness is accompanied by more spaciousness, inside and outside.


  • The relationship between eternal stillness and constant movement
  • The nature of energy and its relationship to structure
  • Understanding that everything, including ourselves, is movement
  • Discovering the inner spaciousness in every activity

“The world is an expression of energy and constant change. As we realize stillness, we become dance. As we deepen our meditation, our life becomes more powerful.” —Thomas Hübl


The Nature of the Mountain

popo-mountainIn our everyday life, we often forget about God. We are lost in our business. But somehow there is a longing, a memory, a taste that draws us back to a path. The path, walking up the mountain, is radical. It's not easy. Life doesn't give us discounts and there are no shortcuts. It helps to be inspired by the presence of a teacher, by our spiritual practice, and by a community of committed practitioners.

  • Climbing to reach the Temple on top of the mountain is an image for the spiritual path
  • As we walk up the mountain our whole perception of reality changes
  • An inner calling draws us up the mountain despite our desire for comfort, and in opposition to our "common sense"
  • It is easier to keep walking when we have spiritual friends and a spiritual teacher in our lives

“When we decide to walk we cannot see the Temple because it is in the clouds. But we know it’s there. This is faith. We walk up the mountain because in our heart we feel something that we cannot know is there.” —Thomas Hübl


Gross and Subtle Realms

foggy-landscape-150x150Our first reference point is often the gross physical reality that we experience with our five senses. Yet, the more we practice, the more we become aware of the subtle realms that lie behind each expression. Subtle energy competency is part of the next level of evolution of humanity.


    • Opening our perception to levels of reality beyond that with which we are normally familiar
    • Accessing feelings, impulses and subtle movements of energy
    • The higher we go up the mountain the more precise our intuition and insights become
    • Shedding lenses and preconceptions to see reality more clearly

“At the beginning we live most of the time in the physical world. Then the subtle world becomes equally real. So does the unformed. In the end the unformed actually becomes our home.” —Thomas Hübl


The Monastic Path and the Path of Daily Life

women-finacialOur lives are mostly lived in "the marketplace"—the daily activities of everyday life. We may occasionally go on "retreat" but fewer and fewer of us live a secluded, monastic life dedicated to long hours of prayer and practice. Our goal, then, is to infuse the marketplace with the intensity of the monastery. To remember the Divine in every moment and to see everything we do as an opportunity to practice.

  • Creating a practice for our modern, daily life without losing the depth and intensity of the monastic traditions
  • Practicing to keep our eyes on the Divine in all aspects of daily life—our work, our parenting, our relationships—everything
  • Developing vertically, in our relationship to the Divine, and horizontally, in our connections to people and society

“While doing emails, being on the phone, we have an intention, a practice, to deepen our awareness from the form to the essence. One part of us is constantly listening to Divine FM and one part is in the world.” —Thomas Hübl


Higher Levels of Coherence

stone-raked-sand-150x150We tend to speak about things and put them into categories and boxes. As we develop higher levels of coherence within ourselves we will learn to participate in life as a constant creative process. We may find ourselves saying things that surprise us, as our words start to come from a higher state of coherence and our connection to the Divine.


  • Developing the capacity to embrace more perspectives, contradictions and paradoxes
  • Experiencing that higher levels of coherence include more and more of reality
  • Each higher level brings stronger feelings of connection and union
  • Coherence is strengthened by words that are alive and not by words that are empty
“We may experience coherence in a concert or in a poem, or because we are so in love with our partner. Suddenly we ARE the energy. Coherence means inclusion, not separateness. If our brain is in a state of coherence we will be able to include our inner world fluidly. Then other people or things don’t happen outside ourselves” —Thomas Hübl


Building a Healthy Vessel

zen-stones-150x150Our bodies are limited, but the Divine intelligence and Light is not. It takes time and practice to build the container that can hold higher states of consciousness. We will explore what it means to build our own and the group's vessel.



  • Cleaning and clearing our physical, emotional and mental structures, and becoming less identified with them
  • Making the conscious, ongoing effort to align intention and action
  • Performing a daily practice, and carrying out acts of service, that strengthen our vessel
  • Expanding our vessel, individual and collective, so we can hold more and more light, intelligence and love
  • Listening to Divine FM!

“As we train our vessel, both individually and collectively, the interference between our outside world and our inner guidance fades away. Cosmic creativity becomes louder than the reality that I am addicted to. Slowly—maybe even quickly—the diamond will be polished.” —Thomas Hübl


Tools and Practices

sun-behind-clouds-150x150We will only develop through committed and consistent spiritual practice. Together, we will explore different forms that this practice can take. We will start to understand that Divine intelligence exists to support all life, and that service is the natural outpouring of our open heart.


  • Approaching the mystical principles through different types of study
  • Integrating different types of practice, e.g. meditation, contemplation, refined body awareness, shadow work and prayer, into our lives
  • Noticing when interactions leave a "residue" in us and constantly cleaning our heart-space
  • Starting to see everyday life as a practice

“Spiritual practice enables us to cultivate presence, awareness and remembrance. It sharpens our tool for awakening. Without practice we are more or less machines. We are perpetuating the past into the future. We need to learn how to watch the past in order to not unconsciously create the future. Our life will become our spiritual practice.” —Thomas Hübl


Incarnation and Karma

shiningyellowlightsThe past is unresolved energy, which clouds the next moment. We can feel it every time we leave a situation sensing that our heart space is somehow troubled. As we go through life, we accumulate unresolved energy. In this course, we will practice clearing this type of energy residue, and will understand more deeply the process of incarnation and the nature of karma.


  • Who and what incarnates?
  • What is a soul and what is the soul’s journey?
  • What is karma?
  • What is the process of incarnation?

“As past energy gets more resolved, more potential shines through, because more of the original impulse, our soul, is shining through. The less obstructed it is, the more it will manifest itself, and the more we will say: “Oh, we are living our mission.” —Thomas Hübl


Keeping One’s Circle of Consciousness Open

stunning-landscape-150x150When we feel a pressure to grow, to expand beyond our current contradictions and paradoxes into a place where these can be contained and embraced, we are experiencing the pressure of the evolutionary impulse. As we grow and evolve, increasingly seeing our lives in a bigger perspective, we also experience that which remains constant and timeless. 

  • Loosening what we know and making space for what we don’t know
  • Learning to sit in the deep vulnerable space of not-knowing
  • Focusing on the open part of a system through which innovation and creativity flow
  • Accessing higher levels of insight and inspiration
  • Passing on what we receive to serve life

“Are we open to welcoming and accepting the evolutionary impulse? Can we sit in the deep vulnerable space of not-knowing, where our system is breathing, our emotions are open, our body is open, our spirit is open? As we practice opening to receiving the water, can we pass it on? Do we keep it for ourselves or do we serve life whenever it needs us?" —Thomas Hübl


Timelessness and Evolution

humandnaWhen we feel a pressure to grow, to expand beyond our current contradictions and paradoxes into a place where these can be contained and embraced, we are experiencing the pressure of the evolutionary impulse. As we grow and evolve, increasingly seeing our lives in a bigger perspective, we also experience that which remains constant and timeless.


  • Loosening our identity with our individual existence—seeing how we are part of a much bigger movement
  • Expanding our perspectives on the process of evolution and our concept of linear time
  • Remembering the future, while living in the present

“The only chance of evolution that we have is catching some drops of Light from the inspirational rain that is constantly falling. We need to live in a high enough intensity to not recreate life from the level that we are on, so that the unknown is given the space for a drop of life to come in.” —Thomas Hübl


The Anatomy of a Question

Water-Ripples-150x150Questions can be practical and need answering, or they can open a door through which we can walk and grow. These questions drive the engine of our evolution. It takes a high level of development to sit with them. We will also learn to discern where to direct our questions—to our higher consciousness through our spiritual practice, to our spiritual friends or, ultimately, to our spiritual teacher.

  • Where do questions come from and to whom should they be addressed?
  • Using questions to deepen our process and as gateways to a deeper relationship with life
  • Learning to live into answers

“Most ‘why?’ questions are an avoidance of what is happening. They are already complaints. “Why do I need to go through this?” But God has closed the complaint department!” —Thomas Hübl


Masculine and Feminine

Flame-Tongues-150x150Inside each of us there is a feminine part and a masculine part. Each has its gifts. The intensity of practicing in the marketplace needs to become something that either cuts through our life like a very sharp masculine sword or that infiltrates our life like feminine water, so that its texture becomes fully wet. We will look at our understandings of these two energies and see that committed spiritual practice requires facility with both.

    • Exploring the principles of polarity beyond male and female
    • Updating our concepts of the feminine and masculine
    • Learning the art of balancing these energies
    • Honoring the power of both the sword and the healing water

“Both ways are important. The will and the surrender. However we practice it, this is the radicalism that is needed.” —Thomas Hübl


What are the Potential Benefits of this Course?

  • Clearer understanding of the nature and composition of reality

  • Activation of higher and higher levels of consciousness and subtle dimensions of life

  • Stronger connection to the Light

  • Alignment with a higher sense of purpose

  • Intensification of spiritual practice—meditation, contemplation, prayer, study, shadow work, refined body awareness, etc.

  • Deeper experience of the relationship between the unformed and the formed

  • Movement beyond self-development into a fuller life of service

  • Clarification of the relationship between will and surrender

  • More consistent access to inspiration and a higher coherence of life

  • Transformation through a collective activation process


What Students Are Saying 

"Thomas Hübl as a person of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts. Thomas Hübl is one of the outstanding spiritual teachers in our time. Nobody is left untouched when he speaks openly about the spiritual path for everybody who is listening. The Celebrate Life Festival and the Academy of Inner Science, both founded by Thomas Hübl, are focus points for the spiritual community in Europe. He is one of the most requested teachers/speakers in the spiritual context worldwide." —Stephan Breidenbach

"Experiencing Thomas as a teacher is a gift! He is utterly humble, alive and present in his teaching and he is filled with deep caring and compassion for the human condition and a deep commitment for each and every one who is pursuing the very challenging, courageous and sacred path towards higher consciousness and awakening. It is an incredibly inspiring, nourishing and enlivening experience to study and learn from and with him. Thomas is a teacher who walks the walk and not just talks the talk—to learn from him can be life changing!" —Hilorie Baer

"I have waited all my life to find someone who teaches with such depth, integrity, humility and clarity. The impact of the Mystical Principles work during this last year has been the most profoundly transformative process I have ever experienced, in every area of life." —Nicholas Janni

"I cannot imagine a more authentically transformative path than the mystical principles and teachings that I have learned with Thomas and have now begun to embody. The impact of this in my life and work has been and continues to be explosive, These are the teachings we need for ourselves and for our societies of today and tomorrow." — Stephen Busby

"Thomas is a clear channel for, and embodiment of, the timeless wisdom that he teaches. He has brought love, clarity, depth, perception and healing to my life, for which I am very grateful. An added bonus is that I have yet to detect any ego attachment to what he does or how he does it. That makes him unique among the teachers I have met and worked with." —Robin Alfred


Luminaries Speak About Thomas Hübl 

Terry-Patten"When Thomas Hübl teaches, a clean, fresh, lighted spacious clarity naturally opens up in and among people—shifting the energy of the room. He doesn’t effort, or push, but his presence functions as a kind of permission, and the group field opens in a beautiful, unmistakable way. It activates intuition, shines Light into shadow, and reveals the insubstantial transparency of whatever seemed to be in the way. It also frees up a tremendous amount of joyful energy." —Terry Patten

Diane-Hamilton"Thomas Hübl is a spiritual teacher for our time, illumined and practical, rational and deeply profound. His teaching is clear like a mirror. He is at once sharp and cutting, yet gentle, receptive, and compassionate. You can't help but expand in his presence." —Diane Musho Hamilton

ScillaElworthy003"Thomas Hubl is at the very heart of spiritual teaching in Europe. I have participated as he enables people to come into a deeper understanding of presence, compassion, transparency and authenticity. He shows us how to link our developing self awareness with our potential to be of service in society. In his new online course he will guide people to explore deeply the essence of the great wisdom traditions, together with profound levels of self knowledge and personal responsibility." —Scilla Elworthy


About Thomas Hübl

thomasbioThomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher whose qualities of uncompromising clarity, open presence and generosity of spirit have profoundly inspired and changed the lives of countless people around the world. Since originally studying medicine, and then feeling called to undertake a four-year retreat, he has been teaching internationally through workshops and intensive training programs for over ten years.

Thomas is a visionary driving force behind the birth of the new "we-culture." Along with other spiritual leaders, he is transforming the perception of separation and individualism at the heart of our troubled societies. His work integrates the essence of the great ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary scientific knowledge and his own personal experience, and he is able to express in simple ways the knowledge revealed to him. This enables those who study with him to access and cultivate a deeper dimension of self-awareness and responsibility in their lives. As a result, they often find that a radical transcendence of the egocentric worldview opens the door to a depth of authentic expression, to service in the world, and to a greater focus on the absolute (the Divine).

Thomas has devoted his life to exploring consciousness and the mystical principles that lie behind all dimensions of our lives. He has dedicated himself to imparting his knowledge to others in a manner that is entirely in keeping with our age. He believes the cultivation and embodiment of mystical knowledge is not a luxury for a fortunate few but an integral movement towards evolutionary development and a necessity for our world. To be a mystic, he says, is a vocation that requires practice and devotion and should be held to a high standard of professionalism and excellence. A mystic should not need to defend him- or herself from the distractions of modern society but instead become an active, powerful and visible agent of change in everyday life.

Thomas resides in Israel with his partner, the acclaimed Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas, and their young daughter.