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Welcome to the temporary home of Thomas’s Hübl’s emerging online academy. After offering online courses in association with other organizations, Thomas decided in 2013 to begin producing some of his own courses. His first self-produced course, A Course in Mystical Principles, began in February 2014.

This page lists all current and upcoming online courses, including those sponsored by other organizations.

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Upcoming Online Courses Produced by Thomas

A Course in Mystical Principles Course, Part 2

The theme of mystical principles has been emerging as the core of Thomas’s work over the past two years and this six-month course continues the journey of the immensely successful and powerful Part 1, which ran from February to July 2014, and which attracted 530 people from all parts of the globe. Through intensive study and immersion in mystical principles, and by researching together how they operate in our lives, this course activates progressively higher levels of consciousness as we learn to move our awareness from the effects of our lives towards that which creates our reality.
This has the potential to generate profound transformation in all areas of our lives, as we live into the underlying principles that compose and create life. The course is a study of:

  • The mystical principles behind the composition of reality and how they operate in our daily lives
  • What it means to bring mysticism into the core of our daily lives in a way that is true to the radical fire and depth of the traditions, yet is updated to the 21st century
  • Living, working, relating from a higher consciousness – moving beyond self-development to higher levels of awakening
  • How this study contributes to the development of a more awakened culture, and enlarges the whole game board of humanity as our consciousness deepens and widens.

Dates and Times: Sept. 1, 2014 to March 15, 2015 on Sundays at 5:00pm GMT (UK Time)

Language: English

Registration Status: Open for registration. Click here for more information and to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Thomas's online courses work?

A: The format of Thomas’s online courses vary depending on the subject, but typically include:

  • Live course sessions with Thomas by audio or video conference. These will usually include open Q&A with Thomas, and sometimes small group breakout sessions (audio courses only).
  • Support from “course assistants” who are trained in Thomas’s methods
  • Triads or study groups of students who practice with each other between course sessions
  • Recordings and transcripts of all of the course sessions

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: For most courses, all you need is a relatively recent computer with a very good internet connection, and a good phone with a landline connection. Thomas is doing more courses in video, so for some courses an internal or external webcam will allow you to participate by video in live Q&A with Thomas (but is not required).

About Thomas Hübl

Thomas Huebl

Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher whose qualities of uncompromising clarity, open presence and generosity of spirit have profoundly inspired and changed the lives of countless people around the world. Since originally studying medicine, and then feeling called to undertake a four-year retreat, he has been teaching internationally through workshops and intensive training programs for over ten years.

Thomas is a visionary driving force behind the birth of the new "we-culture." Along with other spiritual leaders, he is transforming the perception of separation and individualism at the heart of our troubled societies. His work integrates the essence of the great ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary scientific knowledge and his own personal experience, and he is able to express in simple ways the knowledge revealed to him. This enables those who study with him to access and cultivate a deeper dimension of self-awareness and responsibility in their lives. As a result, they often find that a radical transcendence of the egocentric worldview opens the door to a depth of authentic expression, to service in the world, and to a greater focus on the absolute (the Divine).

Thomas has devoted his life to exploring consciousness and the mystical principles that lie behind all dimensions of our lives. He has dedicated himself to imparting his knowledge to others in a manner that is entirely in keeping with our age. He believes the cultivation and embodiment of mystical knowledge is not a luxury for a fortunate few but an integral movement towards evolutionary development and a necessity for our world. To be a mystic, he says, is a vocation that requires practice and devotion and should be held to a high standard of professionalism and excellence. A mystic should not need to defend him- or herself from the distractions of modern society but instead become an active, powerful and visible agent of change in everyday life.

Thomas resides in Israel with his partner, the acclaimed Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas, and their young daughter. For more information about Thomas, including other online courses and live events, please go to